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For most people, divorce is much more than a major legal process. It’s also a challenging time of transition that can negatively impact virtually every area of life: emotional, psychological, and physical health; domestic; parental; financial; social; vocational; and more. In addition to being an emotional process, it can be a complex one that is unique to each couple. 

To help couples navigate the choppy waters surrounding divorce, Timlin Law created a comprehensive guide containing articles from experts in the legal, financial, family, and health fields. This is the first in a series of four guides and addresses a number of topics, including an overview of the divorce process, how to select a divorce team, the pitfalls of lump-sum settlements, and the health consequences of divorce.  

This special Divorce Guide is intended to assist you and your family through this transformational process. It will help empower you to build the satisfying new post-divorce life you desire – and deserve.