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About us

We are a Criminal Law, Juvenile Law, Domestic/Family Law and Educational Law firm.

We are the H.E.A.R.T of the law. This acronym stands for Hard Working, Experienced, Aggressive, Reliable and Trustworthy.

Our Criminal, Domestic/family and Juvenile law experience is 29 years, plus we handled over 150 jury trials and 10 first-degree murder trials on our Criminal side. Our work ethic, experience, and knowledge gives clients the best result in their difficult situation.

Our experience shows areas of the law overlap that’s why we created a law firm practicing Criminal, Domestic and Family and Juvenile law.

Our team

Jeffery J. Timlin

Jeffery J. Timlin

Senior Attorney

Jeffrey has always been drawn to the law and how it can have an impact on shaping our society. He loves being able to assist people in finding resolution to their complicated and seemly overwhelming situations. Being a lawyer allows him to look at the world in a different way.

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Conor Hagerty


Connor is a Colorado native and a seasoned trial attorney who is dedicated to assisting clients with their legal needs. He is a proud graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he earned a B.A. in economics in 2007.

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Our Philosophy

When you decide to divorce, it’s not just a separation of you and your spouse, it’s a complete change of the family structure.

The biggest concern is child custody and parenting. Child custody and Parenting time concerns need be resolved quickly for the health of the family. Intertwined in divorce could be alcohol issues, domestic violence incidents and mental health problems.

In any dissolution of marriage, there are financial considerations and real estate concerns. The big family home may no longer be affordable for either parent, creating living situation concerns. Two families now mean separate financial considerations.

An area with more than one issue is at play is Driving Under the Influence. (DUI). DUI is a criminal offense. If you’re involved in an alcohol offense, the consequences vary depending on the circumstances. Considering alcohol levels, whether an accident occurred or you were pulled over for speeding, consulting an attorney is your first course of action.

Those are only part of the DUI. An individual in this circumstance must deal with the courts and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is separate from the courts. Let’s not forget about the insurance on the vehicle and potentially losing your job for this offense.

Education and juvenile law are very specialized areas of law. These two areas have various elements not noticeable at the start of a particular issue, but appear later, complicating the situation.

Criminal matters and domestic matters result in the department of human services getting involved with the family. The education of our children is an important element of parenting and requires special attention.

Our group of experienced professionals handles overlapping issues between areas of law working together helping client get the best results possible for their situation instead of referring them to someone else.

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